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Nate C

This seems to be a rare find. I am currently trying to setup my OCS 2007 R2 deployment to connect up with Global Crossing to test out functionality. However, I seem to be having issues. Is there any information out there that you have seen giving more details on what needs to be done on the OCS side? GC doesn't seem to have that info.


Mike Stacy


Are you asking about the configuration of the Mediation server and the voice routing within OCS? The published OCS R2 documentation is a good place to start, and there is a good amount of data and support on the Technet forums (social.technet.microsoft.com). I'd need more specifics about your issue to give some guidance.


Nate C

Hey Mike,

I appreciate the response! Initially just what as required or the connection from the Mediation server to Global Crossing. It ended up being easier than I expected. After that was accomplished it was pretty straight forward. I have my dial-plan set and Exchange UM configured. Everything is talking. I was going to use SmartSIP to connect our Polycom 501 phones to make the case for OCS to replace our phone system. I have a trial but never got the key before it was sold to NET. Now I can't get NET to respond at all. I haven't found anything else out there yet.


Steve Smith

Nate, I'm the sales vp for NET. Give me a call if you need any info on the prodcut or acquistion 908 591 0606, stephen_smith@net.com

VoIP software

I can see the SIP settings in my Samsung I8910 cell phone, but I do not know how to configure it.

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