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Hey, i tried to integrate only a HDX9002 into OCS, but Audio/Video Calls are still rejectet by MOC or HDX, but presence works like a charm...

best regards,

Mike Stacy

Check a few things:

- HDX version. This should be or higher. is the current version.
- Ensure that AES encryption is turned off on the HDX. (This requirement will go away in the 2.6 release.)
- Ensure that your OCS pool properties have encryption set to "Support" rather than "Require." Again, this requirement will go away when 2.6 releases.


I understand that the RMX acts as a bridge between the Office Communication and the HDX.
Can we remove RMX and use purely OCS?
Can the OCS bridge between 2 Polycom End Points? Meaning HDX to HDX via OCS without the RMX?

Mike Stacy

You can register the HDXs to OCS and do point to point calling between the HDXs and between MOC and HDX. However, for multipoint calling or for mixing protocols (SIP and H.323) you need the RMX.


Mike: thanks for your prompt response. Just to clarify, when you say multipoint calling, does that mean that if I do not have the RMX, I can conference between 3 HDX?

Do you have any chance know where to locate the guide to configure the HDX to register to OCS?

Mike Stacy

Yes, depending on which HDX you have and your licensing you can have either 4-way or 8-way conferences, meaning that 3 or 7 participants can be added using the internal MCU of the HDX.

The admin guide can be found here: http://www.polycom.com/global/documents/support/setup_maintenance/products/video/hdx_ag.pdf. The OCS information starts at page 2-13.


Hi Mike,
when you mentioned about some of the difficulties of integrating an RMX 2000 with OCS, can you please be more specific? I'm having issue importing the TLS cert into the RMX. It would not take the PFX file with the certPassword.txt file. What tool did you use to convert the PFX file to the PEM files?


Mike Stacy

You can use openssl to convert from pfx to PEM files. Polycom has this process documented in their guides. All the files are case sensitive, so check that very carefully.



Do you ever set RMX to point NTP time to AD (win2k3) server.
If I set RMX NTP to AD, it fail but OK if I point RMX ntp to Cisco NTP


Mike Stacy

I haven't tried that specifically but next time I get an opportunity I'll test it and let you know what I find.


Mike, we already have an Entrust provided TLS certificate on our OCS 2007 R2 server. In the RMX documentation for setting up TLS it indicates you have to create a new certificate on the OCS server with the name of the RMX server (host name). Couldn't I just share the one that we already have from Entrust?

Mike Stacy

That wouldn't work because your Entrust certificate should already have a subject matching the FQDN of your OCS server. The certificate on the RMX must be a unique FQDN that matches the A record for the signaling IP address.


Thanks for the information Mike. So I don't have an internal CA to create a certificate for the RMX server. Polycom's documentation indicates I can either purchase one from a third party CA like Entrust or create one on the OCS server. With that being said do I need to purchase the certificate then for the RMX server?

Also in the Polycom documentation it indicates that after adding the name of the RMX server to the host authentication and routing sections of the Front End properties I may need to restart the Front End services for the changes to take affect immediately. Will these changes take affect after a given amount of time without restart the FE services?

Putroko Kristyanto

Hi Mike,

do you know if it is possible now (using RMX SW 7.0.2) to get a better picture quality between OCS and RMX than CIF? Maybe using the group policy to increase the bandwidth?

Thanks a lot!

Mike Stacy

Polycom is adding RTVideo support in about 3 months. When that is added the RMX will support VGA and HD resolution with OCS/Lync in addition to CIF.

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