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Hi Mike,

I can dial the RMX and i get a display that has create a conference or join and conference and then any conference that is going on at that time. I cannot however dial directly into a conference. I have followed your steps above precisley. Any thoughts here



Mike Stacy


From what you described you are being routed to the default entry queue, which happens when you dial a non-existent meeting room. If you copy the address that you entered into the MSRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress field into Communicator (take off the sip: from the front) do you get the same experience? You can also try manually dialing one of the default rooms if they still exist on the RMX, such as 1001@.



Hi there,

I'm trying to do as you instruct above, however OCS is not picking up the contact record. Could you perhaps share the full LDIF of one of your working contacts so that I might compare? It seems pretty simple, which is why i'm surprised this is not working.

1) created a contact with a first name, last name, and display name filled out.
2) Fired up adsiedit and set the msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress to sip:1000@rmx2000.domain.name
3) ran abserver -syncnow
4) Restarted MOC client to re-download address book.

Am I missing something here? Is there some other magic necessary, like a phone number in the phone field that maps to a normalization rule?

Thanks in advance,


Spoke too soon -- had to wait for the new address book to install. Deleted galcontacts to accelerate the process, and all is now well. Thank you!

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