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Mike, will any of the new phones be backwards compatible with OCS 2007 or will they only work on Wave 14?

Mike Stacy


There's no public information that I can share on that at the moment, but if you've seen demos of the Aries phones you'll notice that the authentication is PIN-based. OCS 2007 R1/R2 do not have a PIN-based authentication mechanism for devices.



Despite its intended use, would like to see the CX500 with a two-way speakerphone.

Jay Crump

Mike -

Have you heard trouble with power draw on the CX600? I can't get the thing to power up when connected to an old-ish Catalyst 3524XL PWR Cisco switch. Cisco 7942 phone right beside it is fine....

Mike Stacy


That 3524XL PWR switch supported a pre-IEEE PoE which Cisco called Inline Power. It is not 802.3af-compliant, which is why the CX600 won't power up off it.


Thomas Shaw

I've seen these phones go for crazy money on amazon. I'm sure some were over $80.000, maybe i imagined it.

Mike Stacy

You definitely imagined it - prices on the CX600 on amazon.com are currently as low as $252.53 USD.

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