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Curtis Johnstone (www.insideocs.com)

We have been using the Polycom HDX 4002 for awhile. It is a good device and has some advantages, but I wish some existing functionality would be improved in addition to adding the ICE/TURN/STUN feature.

The lack of Communicator quality desktop sharing is a significant disadvantage. I believe there is a 'desktop sharing' feature in the 4000 line but the quality and workflow is not not good; and I see teams need that.

When there are multiple recipients, the Polycom multiplexes the video feeds together, which is really useful, but the quality of the final video feed is not good (low resolution).

I have also found that video calls on the Polycom are more sensitive to network jitter than the Communicator client - video drops more easily.

Having said all that, it is one the best affordable small-conference room integrated OCS video devices we could find. Looking forward to future updates to it.

Mike Stacy

Thanks for the feedback Curtis. The content issue is a particularly tough one, as Polycom uses the open H.239 standard and Microsoft uses PSOM, which does not have APIs like the rest of the UC platform. There is currently no elegant solution to this problem.

As you referenced, the HDX has built-in multipoint capabilities. However, it is not designed to be a full featured MCU and therefore it will lower the resolution significantly. For a higher quality multi-party video experience the RMX will support different endpoints connected at different resolutions, upscaling, high definition, etc.

You'll see some innovation coming from Polycom in the coming months that will add other features related to Microsoft integration.

Joe LeNoach


Thanks for the post.. what's the word on 6.2.1? Thought I would have this by now.


Joe LeNoach

Sorry.. Mike. I had a "Steve" in my office just prior to post.

My aplogies!

Mike Stacy

No problem Joe. HDX 2.6.1 is still on track for release at the end of this month.



i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

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