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Noppawat Rujiratanaanant

I also have the same issue when I'm trying to reinstall the Lync Server 2010 (RC) with the new Topology in my test lab. The root cause is I didn't uninstall the "Lync Server 2010 (RC), Core Components" and leave the service "Lync Server Replica Replicator Agent" running. Everytime I install the Local Configuration Store, it will install "Lync Server Replica Replicator" service for replicate the XDS SQL database from the RTC instance to RTCLOCAL instance (Note: This's for the Lync 2010 Standard Front-End database instances).

I believe that some powershell commands during the Lync Server removal process may modify the Security or ACE of the Administrator account and impact to the XDS database access on the RTC instance.

So, this is the cmdlet when I do enforce complete removal process (Since it's only a single machine in the lab)
*** Disable-CsComputer, Disable-CsAdDomain -Force, Disable-CsAdForest -Force
*** Remove all MCU components, Web Components, and also Core Components

Then I reinstall with the normal deployment process again.

Jason Collier

Mike and others ....take a look in the Application log for Event ID 18456.

I have reproduced this several times and it starts as soon as Service Pack 1 for SQL is installed. KB968369. I think that's why the uninstall works for some folks and then it breaks again.

I've got a case open with Microsoft to confirm this, will let you know.


I just ran into this by trying to enable-csuser. I was able to Run As Administrator on the Management Shell to get around the error.

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