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Andy B

Director is also included in the "Additional Software" and has a dedicated server role installer...
Good news all round.

Mike Stacy

Thanks for the comment. You are correct, the Director (now a much more official role) is still included as additional software.

James Sidwell

Hi Mike,
Just wanted to say this is a great article that clears up a lot of my questions.
Just one question licensing remaining: regarding the client CAL included with Office Enterprise and Professional Plus. What level of CAL are they - standard or enterprise?

Mike Stacy

Historically I believe Office Pro Plus has granted a software license to Communicator, not a CAL to the server product. I can't find anything online which indicates that you now get a Lync client license, so I'd recommend checking with a licensing specialist on that one.


Hello Mike...you are correct Office Pro Plus includes the Lync client software not the CAL. The CAL needs to be purchased separately.

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