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Mike, thank you for nice pics :)

It seems that the quality of the overall picture is better than CIF. Does it mean that RMX has got RTVideo support at last?

Mike Stacy

Not yet. As I mentioned at the end of the post, RTVideo support is coming in the next few months. You'll see this released for the HDX room systems at the same time.

Steffen Andersen

We're after this solution, I've deployed Lync server 2010. I am reading the Polycom Unified coms deployment guide for ms environments. Do you know if it's enough with the HDX endpoint system to be able to do continuous presence/view more participants at the same time ?

thanks, great post btw.

Mike Stacy

The HDX has very limited multipoint capability. It can connect 3 other participants in a relatively limited resolution mode. However, in a scenario with RTV (which will release to the web this week) the HDX multipoint capability will be disabled for the duration of the RTV call since encoding/decoding RTV requires more resources than H.264.

Steffen Andersen

So what would you suggest, for the smallest installation, an RMX or DMA system?
Baring in mind im only interested in the continuous presence function.

Mike Stacy

For small installations you should look into the RMX 1500 or a half-populated RMX 2000 (in case you want to expand later). The current version of DMA is really designed for multi-RMX scenarios.

Steffen Andersen

Thank for the replys, Mike.

Christian Flood

Hi Mike Mike, thx for a great blog!
I have a scenario where I send content from an HDX system to the rmx bridge and the Lync clients see the content as a legacy endpoint.
But however I cannot start a content session from the Lync client itself, it then states that "sharing is not supported with this contact" in the lync client.
Im wondering if it is possbible to enable this in some way?
My configuration is:
CMA 4000
RMX 2000 MPMx
HDX 8000
CMA Desktops

Mike Stacy


Currently the RMX and HDX do not support Lync's content protocols, which are still largely proprietary and closed. Your best option is to connect the Lync client to the VGA cable in the
HDX room, but the obvious limitation with that is the support of remote Lync clients which are outside the HDX room.


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Seems you have allot of experience with LYNC deployment and wanted to see if you come across an issues im having. We currently use Livmeeting and schedule future meetings with "Event" feature. I was wondering if you have come across this same feature in Lync 2010. Since this is used quite frequently and used by other online meeting software I thought this was standard with LYNC but do not see a way to do this or any documentation? You can see a sample of how it looks like ( https://www.livemeeting.com/lrs/geoscape/Registration.aspx?pageName=kf180pkl6lmf8vw9 ).Thanks in advance on any insite to this problem.


Putroko Kristyanto

Hi Mike,

this is a good article, thank you for that. I am trying to send content from the RMX onto the Lync clients, but somehow it didn't work. I already checked the option "Send content to legacy endpoints". The original presenter is a standard VC system using H.239. Is there anything else I should do?



Mike Stacy

Enabling legacy content should be all that is required. Which version of RMX are you running and with what type of MPM card(s)?

Putroko Kristyanto

I am running 7.6 with MPMx cards on an RMX 1500. Is there any chance that the hardware does not support it?


Mike Stacy

That definitely should work. Let me test it and I'll get back to you.

Mike Stacy

Ok, I just tested this with an RMX1500 on 7.6 using a VMR with legacy content enabled. I dialed it from Lync and from an HDX using H.323, then I shared content from the HDX using the VGA cable. Lync received the content in the video stream as expected.

So it definitely works with what you have. I think the best course of action would be for you to open a ticket with Polycom to get additional support.

Brandon LaBonte

Hi Mike - Great Blog...

I had a quick question if you have time. I installed an RMX 1500 today, and integrated it successfully with Lync according to the instructions on the Polycom site, and those generally found on the web. This was a direct connect to the Lync server. However, I actually have an edge server that allows VPN-less connectivity, and wanted to know if I needed to register the RMX with the edge instead to get video to pass through to my field Lync clients. One of your older posts seemed to hint that this was possible, but I wanted to crosscheck with you.

Many thanks. - Brandon

Mike Stacy


There should be almost nothing to it - just go to SIP Advanced and enable the ICE Server Environment for MS and you'll be good to go. If you don't see that setting then you'll need to upgrade your RMX to the latest version.


Brandon LaBonte

That did it. Seems like a case of user error. Thanks for the help.

Brandon LaBonte

Mike - I've actually still been fighting with the above issue. My HDX is inside the edge server, and my users are outside. When those users VPN, they have no trouble connecting to the HDX server via Lync. But when using the edge, it seems as though the HDX is returning a SIP 415 Unsupported Media Type, to the invite request (that is coming in via the edge). I can't seem to figure out why it would respond differently. I just rebuilt the edge from the ground up to make sure that wasn't the issue. In fact, two Lync clients n the outside can video to each other just fine (same with lync inside-lync outside). Any advice is appreciated!



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