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RJ Bruce

I've got Lync & OCS 2007 R2 coexisting right now. I've got static routes for AES and RMX on the OCS side. I've moved myself over to Lync and that broke my RCC integration. I don't think I can go through the full RCC setup (static route, TrustedApplicationPool, TrustedApplication) on Lync yet because I've still got users on OCS. But is there a way I can get RCC working for my Lync users via the existing static route on the OCS side?

Mike Stacy

Generally speaking any routes you've created in OCS will come over to Lync when you merge the topology. However, you really need to pose your question to Avaya to make sure that there are not additional configuration changes required on the AES side of things to support the configuration. I have not personally tried to get this working - most of the static routing I do is related to video integration.


Mike, I am in the process of migrating from OCS 2007 R2 to Lync. We have a static route & host authorization in place with OCS to a Tandberg system, but the routes are not importing into Lync after doing a Import-CsLegacyConfiguration, Merge & Publish. Any ideas?

Mike Stacy

In my experience you won't see them in the route list or topology builder but Lync does still use them. Have you gotten a SIPStack trace to see what's happening with the calls?


Hi Mike,
I have been setting up a test inviroment with lync and as it happens i fell into this little trap that you descibes. I have made a static route in my lync setup and now all the clients in my ocs inviroment cant connect to our RMX box. Is there a way to bring the static route back to the OCS?? I have deleted all static routes on the lync server and deleted the route on the ocs server and recreated it on the ocs server. I hope you a couple of ideas.

Mike Stacy

No, routes can go from OCS to Lync when you merge the topology but not the other direction.


So when you create a new static route in lync there are no way back to the OCS?
I really need this polycom rmx box back in my normal production setup. I just made the setup to experiment with video quality

Mike Stacy

Correct, you need to create the route only in OCS and re-run the merge topology process in Lync to get the route in both places.

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